1) What is COUPNEE?

COUPNEE is registered brand of a Rajkot based IT Company, AIIVINE PXL PRIVATE LIMITED. Its objective is to promote goods and services of retailers by publication of offers, deals, and advertises through its online portal coupnee.com and / or mobile application, at the same time giving benefits beyond benefits to customers.

2) How COUPNEE works?

COUPNEE publishes exclusive offers and deals of brand retailers. Provides offers and deals as eCoupons to people through its mobile application.


OFFERS CARNIVAL is a festival of OFFERS for Rajkot city’s retailers and its customers. As a part of Coupon Carnival, exclusive offers and/or deals of 40+ brand retailers (restaurants & retail stores) is published as 250+ eCoupon in Mobile Application. Thousands of retail customers will get benefit up 50,000/- or more by using e-Coupons. Customers can get e-Coupon by purchasing online at very nominal price. Click here (link to Buy eCoupons) to Buy e-Coupons.

4) Who can buy e-Coupons of OFFERS CARNIVAL?

Every people who are willing save money by getting exclusive offers at our OFFER Partners at Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

5) What is duration of OFFERS CARNIVAL?

OFFERS CARNIVAL duration is 6th May to 30th Nov, 2019.

6) How to get eCoupons of OFFERS CARNIVAL?

People can get a bunch of 250+ e-Coupons of 40+ brand retail business by purchasing it online either thorugh www.coupnee.com or its mobile application. Exact price is mentioned at “Buy e-Coupon” menu item of Top Menu.